Thursday, June 28, 2012

How To Move to Cali in less than 30 days...

...The Sands Formula....

Step 1. Interview May 25th 2012
Step 2. Offer May 31st 2012
Step 3. Agonize, debate, weigh out Pro's and Con's for 1 week
Step 4. Accept offer June 8 2012
Step 5. OMG! What have we done!!!!?? 
Step 6. Cry with your family and friends
Step 7. More agonizing
Step 8. Find a house in Cali...VIRTUALLY -- Sign lease June 18, 2012
Step 9. Thin out your 3.5 level home to fit into a 2 level home
Step 10. Packers come - Pack and Load June 25th & 26th

Step 11. Hug everyone a little tighter... make each moment count.... 

Somewhere between the agony, the crying and the packing we were fortunate enough to have some of our family and friends toast us with a lovely BBQ! Here we are pictured from the bbq... all smiles... lets hope these last!!

So here we go (I guess this should of been the intro) but we like to do things a little unconventional! 

Welcome to our Journey... Yes... this is truly a journey for us! We don't know how long we'll be in Cali, here in referred to as "THE OC", but you can keep up with our shenanigans right here!!!

-California Love --well not yet...but soon!