Wednesday, April 10, 2013

"Sew".. What do you think?!

Okay I promise not to use "sew" as a play on words anymore! *maybe*....

So 2 weeks ago, my new toy was delivered via  (see post below). I was inspired to buy this machine for 3 reasons;

1. I follow an amazing blogger who posted a fabulous poncho she made in March which linked to a tutorial she created to show how "easy" it was.

2. One of the Momos came home with a note from her teacher stating that she needed to have a LONG Skirt to go with their "Africa Themed" culture day in the next 3 weeks. Tell me where I will find a maxi skirt for a 4 year old?!

3. I really want to make over my outdoor patio furniture cushions and my mom (who is a seamstress), convinced me I could do it very "easily"...

... so why not, everything is just "sew" (oops) easy!!!

 Here's what happened next. I went to Joanne's fabrics (with the Momos ---> I will never make that mistake again), there was too much fabric touching and very loud exclamations from them about "how soft this fabric is mommy".  I walked around for about 20 mins, wandering aimlessly up and down the fabric aisles looking for "flowy" fabric.

I came back with the following;

1. 6 yards of various fabrics, only the yellow I picked for "the skirt" b/c it was flowy
2. fancy looking scissors 
3. one of those pin cushion tomatoes, doesn't EVERY sewer need one of those!?
4. a chalk pencil (i dunno it looked important)
5. some thread ---> I was looking for the little bobbin threads too, then I realized you have to make them *ugh* 
6. a tape measure (duh)
7. some elastic
8. some ribbon
9. muslin (to practice on)
10. straight pins (to stick the Momos with) hee hee!

So I measured Momo 2 and then spread out the fabric on the table to prepare to cut!

Spent 10 minutes you tubing how to thread the sewing machine and making that little bobbin guy that goes in the bottom, then another 15 minutes agonizing over cutting the material, as if I didn't have enough (seriously I could of made 3 skirts out of this!). Finally I made the cut, pinned some pins and put the machine to work (I'll come up with a name for her soon). After 1 hour, this is what I came up with!

 How excited was I!!! Totally stoked, I felt like I was in a Staples commercial, 'that was easy!' The next morning I had Momo 2 come downstairs to try it on and it fit like a glove, well more like a mummy wrap! lol she could barely walk much less run in the dag on thing. Well lucky for me I had 2.5 inches of seams on each side I could take out, so I did and it worked out better. Yet I still wasn't satisfied, it was a tad see-through and I just wasn't overly thrilled.

I stepped away for a day and went back in 2 nights later, using a bit of fabric I found in that nifty little bin of left overs for $4 bucks, and that result... I loved!

 the back: I struggled with adding this ribbon, I couldn't get it to work with the elastic and was afraid to send her to school with just the ribbon. So I reworked it with the elastic only, but I am going to make a couple fun summer skirts with just the ribbon as the waistband

the front: I made the skirt much wider so it had more flow and body and didn't make Momo 2 walk like geisha girl!

Tada! My little African Giraffe! She loved it and so did I!

So.... (I was tempted), to say this was "easy" would be a true statement.  Overall the final skirt probably took me about 30 mins from start to finish and pressing. I guess the most OBVIOUS thing I could of gotten at the fabric store would of been a pattern, but I'm just not that kind of gal!

BONUS PHOTO (just for giggles): I'm sure you are all wondering, "What did Momo 1 wear for culture day?!" Her class had Ireland/Europe and her very crafty teacher got $13 bucks from each parent and made each kid a 3 piece ensemble (skirt/vest/apron). 

the little milk maid: lets just say she wasn't impressed! lol In her defense she didn't even go to school that day, because she ended up going to the Dr. and diagnosed with Bronchitis, so she wasn't well, but she wanted to see her "costume" on and then she realized I didn't make it and burst into tears, refusing to smile for the photo! 

I'm ready for more creations... stay tuned... again!