Tuesday, July 24, 2012


Mommy on a conference call + Momos too quiet = a poorly executed hair cut!

(who knows what the plan was with the soap and water!!!?)

In my defense...if I need to give one... The scissors were NOT easily accessible...they got their step stools and went through the craft closest to get them...very sneaky!!! They were out of my sight for 7 minutes and managed to go to town on their hair!

Pray for them and their hair because it is a WRECK!

middle front cut down to the scalp...what the heck am I to do with this?!


cut the whole right pony tail off... really?!

Taking all suggestions on how to creatively cover the patches!!!

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Coyotes & Mizunos

I was super excited when I was selected to participate in the Mizuno Mezamashii Project...who doesn't love a cool pair of sneaks *gratis*?  I selected a pair different from what I typically run in, The Wave Rider 15, and went for a support shoe Mizuno Wave Nirvana 8.

I waited 5 days for these puppies to arrive and they were totally worth the wait!

Not only are these shoes ultra padded, they pair perfectly with all of my Black Girls Run! Gear!

Saturday morning came and I decided to take them for a spin! I am always nervous about doing long distances in new shoes, so I decided to go for a 4-5 miler trying out a different route than I usually go. As I headed out my street down the very STEep hill that heads to the main road, I was busy fussing over the shoes, were they tied tight enough, are they too tight,  are they rubbing against my ankles, is it too much arch support??? I wasn't really feeling them the first 5 mins and was about to cut my run VERY short. 

My focus on the shoes came to a sudden holt as I spied 2 coyotes lurking around the exit gates... I stopped dead in my tracks. I looked around to see if there were any cars coming down that would scare them away, but after 45 seconds of waiting, I decided I should just turn around and head back UP that very steeP hill!  

All of a sudden these shoes were the best thing that ever happened to me!!! Properly laced, comfortable around my ankles and plenty of support to propel me up the hill to safety!

I hated running back past my street, but I was ready to put some miles on these shoes. After a successful 4.8 miles I was completely satisfied with the shoes! I still prefer my 15's over these. I think that I would only use these for short runs, because the arch support is a bit aggressive for my liking, but these were definitely winners!

Thanks Mizuno!

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Handy Daddy!

So I've been married to MY GUY for 9 years... and all this time he had me fooled into thinking his brain was only good for calculating numbers...

... Well California has converted forced My Guy into a Handy Daddy! You should see his *honey do* list! :)

He has successfully installed 2 ceiling fans, changed light bulbs, changed smoke detector batteries, set up a flat screen stand for the living room, connected our fridge ice/water maker (the jury is still out on this...not 100% yet), last but not least, set up my FAVORITE new outdoor "toy" (pictured below)

(My Guy in action!)

I SUPER love this outdoor heat lamp...it is perfect for after the sun goes down and you are not ready to call it a night! I love lounging outside after the twins have gone to bed and taking in The OC sunset and nighttime air! 

(looking for me?? Find me here most nights!)

Since we no longer have the luxury of calling on my Step Dad and Cousin in law to fix/build things...I'm putting My Guy to work!!!

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Mommy & Momos

So we're on our own again... our last visitors departed on Tuesday...another curbside goodbye, no tears...just lots of hugs and kisses! All of the visitors have made this transition seem a lot less lonely! Thank you to all who have come and all that are on the way!

In the meantime...it's just Mommy & the Momo's while Daddy is out winning in the west!!!
I've joined a few "meetup" groups to find things to do for the girls during the day so I don't have to suffer ...entertain them at home all day!

So far we have done the following; 
-Visited and registered for school... the girls got in a big fight here and embarrassed me...

- Story time at the local library... the girls pulled a volunteers hair, got put out and embarrassed me
(outside the library behaving like sweet children)

-A group park play date...the girls snubbed all the other children, bullied kids off the only two swings and ... yeah you guessed it.... embarrassed me
(that kid in the background was probably crying after being bullied by the girls)

Apparently life outside the home is tough for the girls...and they make it tough on me! 

Thank goodness I stumbled upon the "wine section" in Target!!! Now I don't have to feel guilty about picking up a *night cap* with the girls (disclaimer...I would never take them in a liquor store....way too many bottles for them to knock over...lol) ...The bottles just blend in with the rest of my household goods! Right? lol :)

*takes a sip* Goodnight!

Monday, July 16, 2012

Double *Double* Trouble...& Double Cheeseburgers

What do you get when you have 2 sets of twins, and two fabulous Mummies!?... a day at the San Diego Zoo... (yeah, that joke was going nowhere fast,but you get the picture!)

We braved the LONG journey down the I-5 to check out what all the hype was about ....and I'm here to report... The San Diego Zoo...is just another place with animals! LOL

I am not really a "Zoo gal" so maybe I'm missing the "hoopla" over this zoo...but it had the usual suspects...Lions, Tigers and Bears ...Oh my! 

We were lucky enough to meet a lady in the parking lot who sold us discount passes to the Zoo...However that $60 savings was immediately spent within the 1st few steps past the entrance.

(Face painting $15 bucks a piece... )

(...times 4 cute little faces!)

Lucky for me TwinMummy is a zoo gal...and while I pushed the stroller she enjoyed the sites with the kids!

(some dreadful spider exhibit....who goes to the zoo to see spiders?!!!)

Beat from the Zoo and starving...we headed back to The OC and stopped in at another "raved"about  place... "IN AND OUT BURGER" ... I have been told on more than one occasion, this burger is "the business" ... and I'm here to report (again)... that this is just another burger joint... (waste of calories).

I think the packaging was the most interesting thing about this burger. I won't deny the burger was great... that was my hunger speaking...it was good, but nothing spectacular. The fries barely made it home before they were cold and soggy, they are fresh cut/made to order...but they just don't hold the heat! 

Overall...another great day exploring Cali with family!!!

Thanks to the TwinMummy & boys for keeping us company for 4 days!!! Totally enjoyed your visit...Till next time!

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Newport Beach... or BRRR!!!!

Life's a BEACH...when it's only 30 minutes away!!! 

So today we filled up 2 cars and headed to the beach! It was a GREAT Sunny day where we live...but as we drove west towards the coast the sun started to fade, the air turned brisk and the clouds came out to play. 

I watched the temperature on my truck drop 10 degrees between home and Newport Beach.... What is the meaning of this?!?!!? After searching 20 mins for parking with noisy kids in tow, I was totally over this beach "adventure". 

I couldn't believe that there were so many people out on the beach pretending it was a beautiful, sunny day. Unfortunately, we had to join them in their delusions, because the kids were pumped up and ready to go!

The boys were the only ones that braved the ice cold Pacific Ocean... but the rest of us bundled up under beach towels and took in the.. sun ... I mean clouds! 

(I had to filter this picture to give it some sun!)

Even though the beach was a BUST...it was great to have everyone braving the wind together! The girls totally enjoyed their brief visit from Grandpa & Nonna. It is such a treat that the girls have so many  grandparents to love and spoil them! 

Here is my favorite picture from this weekend!

(the momos love their Grandpa!)

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Break Between Visits!!!

I just want to gently pat myself on the back *pat pat* ... We have been here for a total of 11 days... and our "LOAD" furniture/boxes/etc...have been here for 5 days...and there is not a BOX in *sight*... just a few in my room, deep in our closet...that i'm avoiding! lol :)

The past 5 days have been non-stop...and my legs are really feeling it... *in my best southern accent* "I'd give anything for someone to rub these feet"... So today I am taking the "day off" and....

...doing this....

While sipping on this....

(you thought this was going to be a wine photo didn't you?!!)

I must say working from home has some perks! Especially when the little girlies are enjoying the water play activities and staying out of my hair! :)

For the next couple days we'll do this and try to get on a routine...then we are back to the airport for more Family Fun!!! :)

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Hanging with Nana!

I had the pleasure of my Mum's company for the past 4 days...something I probably won't have for a little while. When I dropped her off at the airport we were a little short on time (late)... so we didn't have time for all the "dramatic goodbyes" just curbside *hugs & kisses*.

On Friday she flew the girls out here for us, I think that was mainly for her own sense of relief of knowing where we were "living"...it's a "mom" thing, that I totally get!

After laboring over boxes and furniture placement, we cruised around The OC doing a little exploring! I took her into downtown to my new found Mexican place... Nana loves a good Mexican meal! lol :) We chatted and sipped on Sangria while enjoying a little Mummy/Daughter time!

While we were out exploring Dad took the Momos with his sister to the baseball game. The A's vs the O's...how fitting!!! :)

The next day Nana and I took to Costa Mesa & Newport Beach! Our first stop was IKEA, I swear this place was bigger than the one at home, it went on FOREVER. Glad we stopped by the cafe and fueled up before we got started! I'm not sure what all the hype is about, but IKEA food...doesn't really float my boat!

With their belly's full and the promise of ice cream at the end... the girls enjoyed their IKEA experience!

Yup they got comfortable... jumping on carpets with no shoes!

Since they were so determined to kick of their crocs we took to the beach!

We weren't fully prepared for "beaching" but we did get to dig our toes in the sand and let the water splash our legs. NOTE---WEST COAST WATER IS COLD!!!!!!! I'm not sure even if we were properly dressed we would have gotten in!!! *BRRRRRR*

Thanks for visiting us Nana! We'll see you again REAL SOON!!!


Monday, July 9, 2012


I'm not sure everyone is as lucky as me to have a wicked great family on EACH COAST! Yesterday was perfect at reminding myself that I am fully supported wherever I go!

I LOVE entertaining, so having my West Coast Family over for a midday snack was the perfect way for me to "break in" my new digs, "break out" my serving wear and a West Coast batch of Sangria!!!

It was lovely to catch up with my cousins, aunties and kiddies! The Momos had a ball playing with their cousins too!

Here are a few flicks from the day! I'm one lucky gal!!! All this love in one place!

My Aunt gave me a lovely housewarming gift  this Orchid....

...those who know me, know my thumb is FAR from GREEN, I am saying a little prayer now for this plant/flower in hopes that it makes it through our California stay! They say, just water/spritz it once a week. I'll keep you posted on "Jackie O's" status (yes I named the flower!)

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Can't complain when you have...

.... This in your front yard.....

...And this in your backyard....

That's all for tonight... 

Thankful in The OC,

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Roll out the RED CARPET!

Seriously..they rolled out Red Carpet! :)

Yesterday was BUSY!!! Our truck o' goods arrived!!! YAY...but kind of NOT yay!!! With every item, box & piece of furniture they hauled off...I became increasingly overwhelmed... WHERE IN THE HECK are we going to put all this stuff!?

At first it was fun "directing" ... "put this here, no here, oh wait... can you turn it this way, nahhh put it back upstairs". I was over that after the first 2 hours.

The stuff kept piling in... I was trying to stay ahead of the boxes by unpacking the kitchen first, but it was impossible. 1 of me 4 of them and 138 boxes... 

After a while, I gave up... I just couldn't keep up, my feet were tired of standing, and my hands were dry from touching all that paper... so I took a break! 

After my "break" I got back into the groove determined to create a perfect little bedroom and playroom for my most precious cargo! 

By Midnight our twins were introduced to THE OC!!! :) Thanks Nana for delivering them safely!

Thursday, July 5, 2012

A little exploring...

...so life without the girls is kinda... the word is supposed to be "sad"...but that doesn't come to mind immediately.... more like... "WHOOOOOOHOOOOOOO!!!!" Kidding! I do miss them...but I am grateful that we have an opportunity to figure out our surroundings before we introduce the twins to The OC.

The Husband and I have been living life, well kinda living life, like we did before kids... work, eating and bed by 9pm...not really the single life...but close! lol :) We are still on EST. by 8:15pm we are yawning...

While The Husband is at work, I have been busy getting things in order at home before the arrival of our cargo...but in the evenings we try to do a little driving around mainly scavenging for food... We stumbled upon this little gem in BREA today! I LOVE LOVE LOVE a good Farmers Market...but what's better is this little "downtown" area is chocked full little shops and restaurants.

We dined at TACOS & TEQUILA .. OMG.. YUM... YUM...YUM!

I have also discovered that my INNER FAT GIRL will be very happy here... since The OC is "FROYO" heaven. There must be at least 7 Frozen Yogurt places within 5 miles of our house... and my favorite the closest!

While I'm busy stuffing my face with sangria, mexican and yogurt... it seems like our "neighbors" are busy checking us out... Meet "Shelly" she and her friends come to visit us every morning!

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

How We're "LIVING"!

...So we've been here for 3.5 days...and with NO Fridge, NO Furniture & NO ENTERTAINMENT... we are pretty much making up songs and games like we are 10 year olds in the 80's!

So here are a few snap shots of what we have going on....

Our "dining" room ...translation --bistro table from Lowes

Our "sleeping" arrangements ...translation--- blow up bed from Target

But in the midst of all our "living" complications... we can still get spiffied up for a BBQ & Fireworks to bring in the 4th Cali Style with our Baltimore turned Cali friends (Circa 2010).

P.S... Dress from Target (just cause I moved to the OC doesn't mean I have to get "fancy").... Fireworks-- East LA Backyard... didn't have to fight a crowd or pay for parking! :)