Thursday, March 28, 2013

Vacation...Just a drive away!

... Palm Springs weekend review! 

Last weekend we took a quick (1.5hour ---that is fast in Cali time) drive inland to the desert, Palm Springs!

It was one of the cutest towns I have encountered since coming here, there were no tall buildings, big overstated fancy hotels and NO CHAIN restaurants (I am secretly plotting against all chain restaurants---another rant for another blog post)! I loved how unique each store front, resturant and hotel looked.

Here's a *Pic Stitch* look at where we stayed, ate and shopped!

The Andreas Hotel & Spa: Nice hotel in the heart of the city, 1 block behind the "main drag". I probably would not stay here again, mainly because there are so many other options I'd like to try! But If I were coming back with the twins, I'd feel comfortable taking them here because it wasn't overly crowded and has a great pool area. The Spa was ABSOLUTELY amazing, if you ever go, do book the couples soak, and a deep tissue massage with Jeremy!

 Jakes: So this was our first stop, even before the hotel! AH-MAZING! The husband had the soft shell crab cake sandwich and I had the fish tacos. These had to be the BEST fish tacos I have ever had! *full disclosure, these are the only fish tacos I've ever had* lol.  Drinks were delicious, and what's a little lunch without a homemade german chocolate cake! YUM! 

We shopped! The shops on El Paseo mimicked a smaller scale version of Rodeo Drive. I was totally crushing on all the fruity pastels that littered lululemon, Cole Hann & Kate Spade. Clearly the spring is all about tasting the rainbow, *shakes a handful of easter skittle*. We also indulged in dining al fresco at a yummy little Mexican place, one can never have enough fresh guacamole. 

Citron: This little gem was recommended to us by one of my favorite *run/bike/swimmers*. This place was everything I expected; ultra chic & a culinary delight! We dined on the patio under a beautiful tent so due to low lighting I didn't snap any pics of our meals, but I did get to snap a few at the entrance and while we enjoyed our dessert poolside by the fire pits. (don't mind the MJ Thriller eyes we are projecting in the bottom pic!) 

Cheeky's Brunch: On our way out we stopped by this place we walked past on our first day, I couldn't resist the little pink monkey! Let's just say, everyone in Palm Springs was here! We were almost turned off by the "sign yourself in hostess stand" but soon learned, those who put their name in and walk away, get bumped to the bottom! So what started out with us being 23rd on the list quickly turned into being 5th! Fresh squeeze grapefruit juice and blood orange to start, and then on to crispy waffles and a bacon flight. Yes, you read that right a FLIGHT of bacon, 5 different bacon strips each delightfully pleasing.  After brunch we took a quick stroll through the Art Show that was bustling with budding artists and locals. 

Thanks for a great weekend Palm Springs! We look forward to having your desert heat beating down on us really soon!

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