Thursday, July 5, 2012

A little exploring... life without the girls is kinda... the word is supposed to be "sad"...but that doesn't come to mind immediately.... more like... "WHOOOOOOHOOOOOOO!!!!" Kidding! I do miss them...but I am grateful that we have an opportunity to figure out our surroundings before we introduce the twins to The OC.

The Husband and I have been living life, well kinda living life, like we did before kids... work, eating and bed by 9pm...not really the single life...but close! lol :) We are still on EST. by 8:15pm we are yawning...

While The Husband is at work, I have been busy getting things in order at home before the arrival of our cargo...but in the evenings we try to do a little driving around mainly scavenging for food... We stumbled upon this little gem in BREA today! I LOVE LOVE LOVE a good Farmers Market...but what's better is this little "downtown" area is chocked full little shops and restaurants.

We dined at TACOS & TEQUILA .. OMG.. YUM... YUM...YUM!

I have also discovered that my INNER FAT GIRL will be very happy here... since The OC is "FROYO" heaven. There must be at least 7 Frozen Yogurt places within 5 miles of our house... and my favorite the closest!

While I'm busy stuffing my face with sangria, mexican and yogurt... it seems like our "neighbors" are busy checking us out... Meet "Shelly" she and her friends come to visit us every morning!

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