Saturday, July 7, 2012

Roll out the RED CARPET!

Seriously..they rolled out Red Carpet! :)

Yesterday was BUSY!!! Our truck o' goods arrived!!! YAY...but kind of NOT yay!!! With every item, box & piece of furniture they hauled off...I became increasingly overwhelmed... WHERE IN THE HECK are we going to put all this stuff!?

At first it was fun "directing" ... "put this here, no here, oh wait... can you turn it this way, nahhh put it back upstairs". I was over that after the first 2 hours.

The stuff kept piling in... I was trying to stay ahead of the boxes by unpacking the kitchen first, but it was impossible. 1 of me 4 of them and 138 boxes... 

After a while, I gave up... I just couldn't keep up, my feet were tired of standing, and my hands were dry from touching all that paper... so I took a break! 

After my "break" I got back into the groove determined to create a perfect little bedroom and playroom for my most precious cargo! 

By Midnight our twins were introduced to THE OC!!! :) Thanks Nana for delivering them safely!

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