Thursday, July 19, 2012

Mommy & Momos

So we're on our own again... our last visitors departed on Tuesday...another curbside goodbye, no tears...just lots of hugs and kisses! All of the visitors have made this transition seem a lot less lonely! Thank you to all who have come and all that are on the way!

In the's just Mommy & the Momo's while Daddy is out winning in the west!!!
I've joined a few "meetup" groups to find things to do for the girls during the day so I don't have to suffer ...entertain them at home all day!

So far we have done the following; 
-Visited and registered for school... the girls got in a big fight here and embarrassed me...

- Story time at the local library... the girls pulled a volunteers hair, got put out and embarrassed me
(outside the library behaving like sweet children)

-A group park play date...the girls snubbed all the other children, bullied kids off the only two swings and ... yeah you guessed it.... embarrassed me
(that kid in the background was probably crying after being bullied by the girls)

Apparently life outside the home is tough for the girls...and they make it tough on me! 

Thank goodness I stumbled upon the "wine section" in Target!!! Now I don't have to feel guilty about picking up a *night cap* with the girls (disclaimer...I would never take them in a liquor store....way too many bottles for them to knock ...The bottles just blend in with the rest of my household goods! Right? lol :)

*takes a sip* Goodnight!


  1. LOL!!!!!!! Oh my goodness gracious!! I'm sure it wasn't funny in the moment, but kudos to you for being brave enough to share. Tevian definitely embarrassed me on a number of occasions when he was that age so I am "HERE" with you on that!

  2. I feel you on the "wine section" in Target and in Kroger and in Walmart. Though the browsing isn't quite as exciting as in the liquor store, it will suffice when you can't get away from the kids. And I sometimes think there is a fairy that whispers to the kids to act up in public. Somehow the middle of a group of onlookers seems like the perfect spot to have a fight in the eye of the kids.