Wednesday, July 4, 2012

How We're "LIVING"!

...So we've been here for 3.5 days...and with NO Fridge, NO Furniture & NO ENTERTAINMENT... we are pretty much making up songs and games like we are 10 year olds in the 80's!

So here are a few snap shots of what we have going on....

Our "dining" room ...translation --bistro table from Lowes

Our "sleeping" arrangements ...translation--- blow up bed from Target

But in the midst of all our "living" complications... we can still get spiffied up for a BBQ & Fireworks to bring in the 4th Cali Style with our Baltimore turned Cali friends (Circa 2010).

P.S... Dress from Target (just cause I moved to the OC doesn't mean I have to get "fancy").... Fireworks-- East LA Backyard... didn't have to fight a crowd or pay for parking! :)