Tuesday, July 3, 2012

The First 48 hours!

So here we are… I’m almost scared to say it…but so far so good. I know it has only been 2 days…but it is almost Euphoria. Great weather, Great house, Great view, Great community.  I feel bad using all those “greats” b/c I know some of the readers are my dear family and friends I’ve left behind that don’t want to hear about how “Great” it is…but I can say i'm happy here, not happier than being in baltimore, but happy! 

Here is our 1st photo in The OC! (thanks to my sis in law for snapping!)

Can't be mad at that view!

So far we have checked the following off our HOUSE LIST:

*check out schools for the girls
*Direct TV
*Hit every store within 2 miles (Target, walmart, TJ MAXX, Ross, Marshall) You all know i'm a sucker for the savvy savings those places have to offer!

My goal is to make this house our "HOME", for however long or short. I told the Mr. not to give me the side eye if he see's many bags come in over the next 3 weeks... :) 

-California Love!


  1. raises hand as one of those people that is happy but sad its 'great' all at the same time! seriously, i love that you guys are settling in and adjusting so well...i'll be expecting you to do some personal shopping for me over there, get me some west coast frocks!

  2. Thanks Dress Junkie!!! You know we are ready for your visit so you can soak in all this awesomeness!