Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Hanging with Nana!

I had the pleasure of my Mum's company for the past 4 days...something I probably won't have for a little while. When I dropped her off at the airport we were a little short on time (late)... so we didn't have time for all the "dramatic goodbyes" just curbside *hugs & kisses*.

On Friday she flew the girls out here for us, I think that was mainly for her own sense of relief of knowing where we were "living"...it's a "mom" thing, that I totally get!

After laboring over boxes and furniture placement, we cruised around The OC doing a little exploring! I took her into downtown to my new found Mexican place... Nana loves a good Mexican meal! lol :) We chatted and sipped on Sangria while enjoying a little Mummy/Daughter time!

While we were out exploring Dad took the Momos with his sister to the baseball game. The A's vs the O's...how fitting!!! :)

The next day Nana and I took to Costa Mesa & Newport Beach! Our first stop was IKEA, I swear this place was bigger than the one at home, it went on FOREVER. Glad we stopped by the cafe and fueled up before we got started! I'm not sure what all the hype is about, but IKEA food...doesn't really float my boat!

With their belly's full and the promise of ice cream at the end... the girls enjoyed their IKEA experience!

Yup they got comfortable... jumping on carpets with no shoes!

Since they were so determined to kick of their crocs we took to the beach!

We weren't fully prepared for "beaching" but we did get to dig our toes in the sand and let the water splash our legs. NOTE---WEST COAST WATER IS COLD!!!!!!! I'm not sure even if we were properly dressed we would have gotten in!!! *BRRRRRR*

Thanks for visiting us Nana! We'll see you again REAL SOON!!!


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