Saturday, July 21, 2012

Handy Daddy!

So I've been married to MY GUY for 9 years... and all this time he had me fooled into thinking his brain was only good for calculating numbers...

... Well California has converted forced My Guy into a Handy Daddy! You should see his *honey do* list! :)

He has successfully installed 2 ceiling fans, changed light bulbs, changed smoke detector batteries, set up a flat screen stand for the living room, connected our fridge ice/water maker (the jury is still out on this...not 100% yet), last but not least, set up my FAVORITE new outdoor "toy" (pictured below)

(My Guy in action!)

I SUPER love this outdoor heat is perfect for after the sun goes down and you are not ready to call it a night! I love lounging outside after the twins have gone to bed and taking in The OC sunset and nighttime air! 

(looking for me?? Find me here most nights!)

Since we no longer have the luxury of calling on my Step Dad and Cousin in law to fix/build things...I'm putting My Guy to work!!!


  1. Haha! Nice! I love it when my husband rolls up his sleeves and fixes things. That looks amazing! And love the purple polish :)

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