Thursday, July 12, 2012

Break Between Visits!!!

I just want to gently pat myself on the back *pat pat* ... We have been here for a total of 11 days... and our "LOAD" furniture/boxes/etc...have been here for 5 days...and there is not a BOX in *sight*... just a few in my room, deep in our closet...that i'm avoiding! lol :)

The past 5 days have been non-stop...and my legs are really feeling it... *in my best southern accent* "I'd give anything for someone to rub these feet"... So today I am taking the "day off" and....

...doing this....

While sipping on this....

(you thought this was going to be a wine photo didn't you?!!)

I must say working from home has some perks! Especially when the little girlies are enjoying the water play activities and staying out of my hair! :)

For the next couple days we'll do this and try to get on a routine...then we are back to the airport for more Family Fun!!! :)

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