Saturday, July 14, 2012

Newport Beach... or BRRR!!!!

Life's a BEACH...when it's only 30 minutes away!!! 

So today we filled up 2 cars and headed to the beach! It was a GREAT Sunny day where we live...but as we drove west towards the coast the sun started to fade, the air turned brisk and the clouds came out to play. 

I watched the temperature on my truck drop 10 degrees between home and Newport Beach.... What is the meaning of this?!?!!? After searching 20 mins for parking with noisy kids in tow, I was totally over this beach "adventure". 

I couldn't believe that there were so many people out on the beach pretending it was a beautiful, sunny day. Unfortunately, we had to join them in their delusions, because the kids were pumped up and ready to go!

The boys were the only ones that braved the ice cold Pacific Ocean... but the rest of us bundled up under beach towels and took in the.. sun ... I mean clouds! 

(I had to filter this picture to give it some sun!)

Even though the beach was a was great to have everyone braving the wind together! The girls totally enjoyed their brief visit from Grandpa & Nonna. It is such a treat that the girls have so many  grandparents to love and spoil them! 

Here is my favorite picture from this weekend!

(the momos love their Grandpa!)

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