Monday, July 2, 2012

The Moments before the wheels went up!

(written July 1st)

For the past 24 hours there has been a pit in my stomach. I didn’t want to look anyone in the eye in fear that I may burst into tears…

Saturday, I hosted my final BGR! Run with my Baltimore crew… we had an amazing turn out. Shameless plug...if you haven't joined the movement yet... what are you waiting for? BLACK GIRLS RUN!

I super love these ladies and their desire for fitness!  I have a friend who shall remain nameless but  surprised me by showing up to run with us this morning. I heart you for joining in! LOVE YOU TC :)

The day was full of moments that made my heart smile… A last minute snuggle with my Irish twin, a surprise visit from Philly,  a Yummy cake, tears from a pregnant lady and a beautiful toast from my Brooklyn loves!  OH wait… they also serenaded us with “It’s so hard to say goodbye” ....yeah…I had to look away… I can’t let them see me cry! 

I was so glad that the twins got to hang out with one of their BFF'S!

This morning when I woke up (although I’m sure I never slept),  it felt like we were getting ready for a “vacation”. The last minute checking, packing, organizing. The only difference was that we were leaving nothing behind. (well the girls, but that is just for a few day).

I looked around my mother’s house (dark & hot)…still no power after the storm, and wondered when the next time would be that I would sit on her couch, hear the floors creak or bustle out her front door???

At that moment I realized this is not a vacation…

…Mum took us to the airport… MIL met us there also. It was nice to have both of our Moms to send us off with their eyes overly glazed.

After the long squeezes and I love you’s… we went through security…I knew if I looked back I would cry… so I just kept focused on the little boy ahead of me in his redskins hat, and thought I am so glad we ordered Direct TV football ticket in Cali…  how else would the hubby get to enjoy another heartbreaking seasons of the ‘Skins?

Comfortably seated in a spacious exit row… I looked out the window and the tears flowed… when would I see BWI again?

 California Love - Really we are here now!

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  1. Loving your Cali blog!! LOL @ Direct TV so "the hubby can enjoy another heartbreaking seasons of the ‘Skins" BE SAFE & BEST WISHES on your major transition!